Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Wedding bells: Usher and Tamika Foster are engaged

Usher and Tamika Foster

It's official this time, R&B Celebrity Usher has finally given a statement to MTV saying he is engaged to his long term girlfriend and stylist Tamika Foster and plans to marry by the end of the year. This news is no surprise for our readers as we already wrote about their unconfirmed (at that time) romance. One month ago we were writing about what The New York Post revealed: “it’s 100 percent official. She is wearing a beautiful ring and he’s been introducing her as his fiancée.” The couple, Usher and Tameka have been hiding their romance for over a year and are now they were ready to make it public announcing their wedding.
But is Usher a responsible man? Maybe there is a baby on the way.. but I can't still see him as a good husband. Usher' new album will be out in stores by November and it's probable going to coincide with his wedding. Apparently Tamika' own mission is to hit the fashion scene with her own designs..


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Usher and stylist Tameka Foster engaged?


According to The New York Post, R&B Celebrity Usher is engaged to his long term girlfriend and stylist Tameka Foster after an insider revealed to the newspaper that "it's 100 percent official. She is wearing a beautiful ring and he's been introducing her as his fiancée." The couple, Usher and Tameka have reportedly been hiding their romance for over a year and are now ready make it public along with their engagement. Last year in January, the R&B singer Usher was rumored to be dating his stylist Tameka Foster after the couple were spotted in the waves off the Caribbean island of St. Barts and later seen together at America’s exclusive ski resort, Aspen. At that time Usher’s spokesperson denied the romance rumors. No other details are known. In other Celebrity news, the R&B superstar's new album is due for release in the summer.


Usher to guide teens in Cleveland


R&B celebrity Usher decided that is time to guide teenagers in career paths in order to succeed in sports and entertainment. According to the news, Usher will speak on March 18 at a teen leadership seminar sponsored by the YMCA in Cleveland, where students in seventh through 12th grades are expected at the three-day Midwest Black/Hispanic Achievers Teen Leadership Summit. However, R&B star Usher has - in a way - a moral obligation, as he was part of a group that bought the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers last year for $375 million.


Sunday, March 05, 2006

Usher denies photographer abuse


R&B star Usher has denied a photographer's claims he abused her with foul language and rude gestures, after becoming upset by her photographs of him holidaying with his married stylist. Sandra Rose writes on her site that the R&B celebrity Usher didn't like her to take any pictures of him in Caribbean hideaway St Barts with Tameka Foster-Brown.

Usher's representative has denied the report, telling the New York Daily News that the story is exaggerated and that the R&B star Usher simply asked the photographer not to take his photo. However, Usher rep revealed she made several attempts to bypass his security to snap his photo against his will, but Usher never put his fingers in her face and was not in close contact with the photographer.


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Is Usher dating his stylist?


The R&B singer Usher is rumored to be dating his stylist Tameka Foster. The couple were spotted in the waves off the Caribbean island of St. Barts and later seen together at America's exclusive ski resort, Aspen. However, Usher's spokesperson has denied the pair are dating and insists they are just friends.

Usher is vacationing with friends and members of his entourage, which include Tameka.
- says Usher spokesperson -

Usher split with long-term girlfriend Eishia Brightwell last year after he admitted cheating on her. The hip-hop star and the sexy model were planning to marry a year into their romance, but Usher but the couple couldn't work things out for them anymore.


Thursday, October 27, 2005

Usher 'Behind the Truth' live DVD


Usher is set to launch on DVD 'Behind the Truth: Truth Tour - Live,' which will be available on Nov. 8 exclusively via Best Buy. The concert was shot in his Atlanta hometown and Usher worked with the production company Tall Pony to develop special camera technology for the DVD shoot.
This show was shot with 30 cameras. The modern technology allows viewers to choose which camera they want to view the show from: in close-up so you can see the dance movements or from the audience`s perspective.
- says Usher -

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Usher to play younger Morgan Freeman


The R&B singer Usher, who is set to mark himself in the movies, is in negotiations to play the younger Morgan Freeman in a new movie. After talking with the acting icon, Usher is sure their new movie project together will happen.
I sat with Morgan Freeman to talk about a script that he put together for both of us, possibly for next year (06). I play an assassin. I play him in retrospective. I play (Freeman) as a younger character, and it takes place in Cuba.

It's a very, very, very cool script. The type of script that you would want to have yourself involved in - a character that I've never seen, that I could never identify with. That's basically what I look for.

I go after those scripts where it's a character that one, would not be typically played by somebody like myself, based off of what you know of Usher, and two, something that kind of gives you a little bit of edge.
- Usher tells MTV News -

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Usher special guests for Project Restart benefit concert

Usher and Alicia

Usher announced that he will be joined at the benefit concert for the victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita today in Atlanta, GA at Philips Arena, by celebrity guests Alicia Keys, T.I., Young Jeezy, and Usher's own US Records family as well as special surprise guests to perform at Project Restart.

Sponsors such as Hibernia Bank, Visa, Giovanni The Margarita King and SunTrust Bank and civil leaders like Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin, Usher has invited 5,000 Katrina and Rita evacuees to attend the concert for free.

Armani Exchange has produced limited edition Usher Signature, $25 from the sale of this limited edition t-shirt will benefit Usher's New Look - Project Restart.


Friday, September 30, 2005

Usher to perform for hurricane Katrina and Rita victims

usher  VMA

The R&B megastar Usher will have a concert in Atlanta for Project Restart, which will take place Oct. 9 at Atlanta's Philips Arena, reports
The concert main reason is providing housing for victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
Organizers will donate 5,000 tickets to hurricane evacuees who were relocated to Georgia and public ticket sales begin today.
Usher's New Look Foundation has joined with corporate sponsors to find year-long temporary housing for 1,000 displaced families.
When I thought about what I could do to help, I decided that I wanted to do something direct and personal for the evacuees.
- Usher said in statement -

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Usher pays tribute to Vandross


Usher alongside Patti Labelle paid a special tribute to Luther Vandross on Oprah show in America by performing soul classic Superstar. And in honoring the smooth singer, who died at the beginning of July the both artists feature on a new album tribute to Vandross, called So Amazing.
Before I was born, he was making music. He's influenced me in so many ways as a vocalist, as a communicator... His music holds so much passion.
- says Usher -
He would buy you good clothes too. He bought me all this fierce Versace stuff. He treated his women to beautiful clothes... He was so classy.
- says Labelle -

Usher says he supports Kanye’s statements

Usher VAM

It seems Usher wants to clear up a major misunderstanding about his feelings on Kanye West's controversial statements, saying he supports his friend Kanye personal opinions. R&B star Usher reportedly attacked Kanye West over comments he made at an all-star Hurricane Katrina fundraiser, that "George Bush doesn't care about black people."
Contrary to false media reports I support the personal opinions made by my friend Kanye West. If it wasn't for his comments, there would not be an open dialogue about the undeserved people in the gulf region.
- says Usher -

Friday, August 12, 2005

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

R&B/Hip-Hop 3 Billboard Awards for Usher & 50 Cent

The R&B singer Usher took home three awards for top artist, top male artist and top singles artist on Friday in the Billboard-AURN R&B/Hip-Hop Awards. As Usher, 50 Cent, who was nominated in six categories, was also a triple winner with top albums artist, top rap album and top album.

Alicia Keys was also recognized for top songwriter and top female artist. Mario won top single and top singles airplay for "Let Me Love You." Destiny's Child, which includes Beyonce, who took both top female and top new artist last year, captured the top duo or group award and The Game was named top new artist and TVT was again named top independent label.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Usher voted most powerful voice in pop music in 2005

Usher has topped in the Los Angeles Times Pop Power List as the most powerful voice in pop music in 2005. The R&B star beat , Alicia Keys, Coldplay, Eminem, Beyonce Knowles, Justin Timberlake, Outkast, 50 Cent, Kanye West and Dr Dre. exactly in this order.

One of the 21 music bosses on the panel of judges, who remained nameless, insisted Britney Spears didn't deserve to be on the new Power List because "she's over", while another suggested her pop rival Christina Aguilera didn't make the list because she's "too volatile". It seems more then fair to me.

Usher's girlfriend Brightwell is not expecting a child

R&B star Usher has slammed reports his girlfriend Eishia Brightwell is expecting his first child. The singer has been dating the model since last summer and despite the beauty desire to propose her, Usher wants to take their relationship slowly.
At a fundraiser earlier this month, Usher sparked rumours Brightwell was pregnant after he was photographed with his hand protectively on her belly.
He was simply putting his arm around Eishia to pull her closer in to take the photo.
- said Usher's publicist -

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Usher spent almost $1.8 million on a watch with his face

According to the Mirror, famous R&B star Usher, has recently spent almost $1.8 million on a watch with 1,106 diamonds, that features his face. The special watch was created by record producer and owner of Rocawear Damon Dash, and is currently on display at the Natural History museum in London.

Usher has recently announced that his super-model girlfriend Eishia Brightwell is pregnant and they are thrilled with having a baby at the beginning of 2006.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Usher is pressed to marry Eisha Brightwell

Usher has urged the media not to join his girlfriend Eisha Brightwell's campaign to persuade him to marry her. But he's not ready for marriage, and has begged the press not to add to the pressure he's under by writing articles speculating when they will get engaged.
Don't put any more pressure on me than she has, man.
We've been dating a while, but you've got to give us a little time.
I try to keep my relationships private - it's hard having a relationship as an entertainer in the public eye.
- said Usher -

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Usher opened a summer camp to help young minority

R&B superstar Usher has opened a summer camp to help young minority performers aged 8 to 16.
The singer dropped by Camp New Look for its opening day. The 150 campers spend two weeks at Clark Atlanta University, where they work on singing, dancing and learn about the respective industries.

The campers will attend panels and discussion sessions with agents, managers, and sports executives, who will teach them the financial side of the business. Camp will culminate July 23 when the campers will coordinate a celebrity basketball game and provide the halftime entertainment.